Evercoat has been trusted by body repair professionals for nearly 70 years and our commitment to quality and ease of application has established Evercoat as the number one preferred filler brand in North America and other global markets.   Evercoat remains an innovation leader in the industry, holding over 35 U.S. and foreign patents, and was first to market with many patented technologies including:  Rage®, the first stain-free body filler, and Rage Ultra™, the first filler using environmentally friendly, ECORESIN™.  More recently, Evercoat launched Rage® OPTEX® color-change filler and putty, and its new Light Speed™ system with LED curing technology.

In addition to its broad and high-quality range of fillers and putties, Evercoat also offers high build polyester primers and fiberglass resins, along with other value-added ancillary products to help complete every repair. Evercoat’s service and training adds value to its customers by providing direct to paint and time-savings body repair SOP’s, helping support efficiency and highest shop performance levels.